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Medical Mission

UCF conducts medical camps in rural areas, slums and small town to provide free diagnosis of Hepatitis B,C, Thyroid Factor, Hormones, TB, HIV & AIDS, & Diabetes. We provide diagnosis and followup until complete treatment.

UCF Medical Camps:

UCF Medical Camps are the initiative of UCF medical program. UCF has been conducting medical camps since 2010, It began with a team of friends who have a medical background, they just wanted to provide health assistance and medical relief to the people living in rural areas. After conducting a couple of medical camps in 2011, UCF team learned that Pakistan is very much affected with HEPATITIS B,C, Diabetes and TB, and people die because they cannot get early diagnosis because of several reasons of economical instability, lack of health resources and lack of awareness.

Since 2013 UCF began conducting medical free diagnosis & awareness camps for different diseases like: HEPATITIS B,C, Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormones, HIV, Dengue and TB and awareness camps regarding women productivity and early child growth. 

UCF gives full follow up to patients who are diagnosed with any of above said diseases till complete treatment. 


According to the report of WHO: „Within the Region, Pakistan and Egypt bear 80% of the disease burden and within Pakistan almost 12 million people are suffering from hepatitis B or C. Each year brings about 150000 new cases. The majority of people catch this infection in health care settings without being aware of it. The disease is called a silent killer because many patients remain undiagnosed and untreated for many years before developing complications and dying“.

Major risk factors for the transmission of hepatitis B and C infection includes: therapeutic injections, syringe reuse, surgery, improper sterilization of invasive medical devices, blood transfusion, hospitalization and sharing of razors while getting shave from barbers. Some population groups are highly affected by hepatitis B and hepatitis C such as injecting drug users and thalassemia patients. For hepatitis C, high prevalence of infection is reported in children especially those who were admitted in hospitals with acute hepatitis, while for HEV, most of the infections were due to fecal contamination of water. 


80% of women in Pakistan are suffering from dysfunction of thyroid. THYROID produces thyroxin which is required for every cell in the body to work properly. New born babies are required to perform thyroid function test which is unfortunately not practiced for every birth in Pakistan.


Pakistan, with an estimated 510,000 new TB cases emerging each year and approximately 15,000 developing drug resistant TB cases every year, is ranked fifth among B high-burden countries worldwide and it accounts for 61% of the TB burden in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region. The country is also estimated to have the fourth highest prevalence of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) globally. Key reasons for emergence of drug resistance form of TB include: delays in diagnosis, unsupervised, inappropriate and inadequate drug regimens, poor follow-up and lack of a social support program for high-risk 


Every 4th person in Pakistan is suffering from Diabetes. This means 25% of Pakistanis are suffering from Diabetes.


The reason behind great and rapid spread of above said diseases like: HEPATITIS B,C, THYROID Factor, TB and Diabetes; is because of early undiagnosed, in Pakistan because of lake of health facilities people do not  both to get diagnosed for these disease, majority of Population has never get diagnosed of these diseases and majority of the carriers of these diseases are performing as a donor to pass these diseases to other people. 


With the several medical camps and field experience of medical work in Pakistan, UCF team realized the importance and need of WOMEN health. WOMEN in Pakistan are facing many challenges regarding their health issues. Almost 80 percent of maternal deaths are direct obstetric deaths resulting from postpartum hemorrhage (36 percent), antepar-deliver at home without trained assistance, infant mortum hemorrhage (17 percent), infection (16 percent), and eclampsia (14 percent). Hepatitis is the most frequently cited single cause of maternal death from indirect causes . The laws concerning induced abortion are highly restrictive, and death rates over the past two decades have gone higher.

We found that WOMEN in rural areas are having less medical assistance and medical awareness. Government/private medical centres are not easily reachable/ accessible for WOMEN. WOMEN face medical issues regarding gynaecological and hormonal issues because they do not have health awareness and medical assistance easily.

More than half of Pakistani WOMEN and two-thirds of children are suffering from micronutrient deficiency, widespread vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, folic acid and iron deficiency anemia in Pakistan.

Pakistan is losing 2-3 percent GDP annually because of high burden of malnutrition. The lack of iron, vitamins A and D and other minerals limits ability to fight disease, making it a major contributor to high maternal newborn and child death rates. The newborn death rate is 42 per 1000 while childhood death rate is 74 per 1000. Malnourishment also affects cognitive and physical development, ultimately leading to reduced learning abilities and lower productivity in adulthood. Pakistan's rates of malnutrition are stagnating compared to reductions seen in neighboring countries.

Food fortification, the addition of vitamins and minerals to common foods is an effective, affordable and safe measure to lower the burden of micronutrient deficiency, reducing economic loss due to malnutrition and making Pakistan healthier. 

For this reason UCF’s big focus is; WOMEN and children health. UCF have established Health Center for WOMEN re-productivity health and early child care health. UCF conducts awareness camps at different areas in all over Pakistan for WOMEN’s re-productivity health and early child care health & nutrition.


UCF conducted awareness programs on different diseases and medical needs, like:

1- Dengue Awareness. 

2- TB Awareness and Treatment.

3- Hepatitis Awareness and Treatment.

4- Diabetes Awareness and Healthy living.

5- Hormones Factor: Awareness and Healthy Living.