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Disaster Relief

UCF’s purpose is to meet the immediate disaster-caused needs of individuals, families, and communities.

Mirpur - Azad Kashmir Earthquake:

We have been able to complete disaster relief in Mirpur Kashmir. There were obstacles and hurdles, traveling and reaching to the affected area was not easy. There were many security checks and help could not reach the area in time. By the grace of God, UCF team could reach the area with in first week and helped victims with water, food, tents etc. The UCF team could reach more than 30 families and helped them for two week with daily cooked meal and distributed uncooked for one two months.

Easter Bomb Blast at Iqbal Park Lahore:

UCF helped victims of Easer Bomb Blast at Iqbal Park in 2016: UCF distributed bath soaps, towels, commode chairs for toilets. Needy Injured patients are granted new cloths for six months. Monthly distribution & follow up. Food is distributed to patients in hospitals or on their residence on monthly basis with monthly follow up. Wheel Chairs, Elbow sticks are distributed to the needy patients and medicines are provided to needy patients as per need and requirement.