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Story of Nazeer Saroia


Story of Nazeer Saroia

Nazeer is father of two daughters. He works in a factory and wants his children to go to school. He got sick last year and could not go to factory to work for two months, which is why he could not get paid from factory. Doctor told him that he has stomach issues related to drinking contaminated water. He had to pay school fee for his children and feed his family; he could not make medical treatment available for himself because he has nothing to pay to Doctor’s fee after two months. He started working after two months in the factory but Doctor told him that he would face more health issues if he could not get well soon. So, he started fetching clean water far from his home from ice making factory. So he had to come back home before 5pm because ice factory shuts down after 5pm. So he could not stay at his work for long to make more money by making over-time. He had to come back to home before 5pm to go to ice making factory to bring clean drinking water. Now he can get safe drinking water with in the town from UCF water plant.   

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