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(Raja Shaleem Samuel)

In 2013 UCF began with providing awareness and free diagnosis of different deadly diseases like; hepatitis B,C Thyroid, Hormones, Diabetes, & TB , then I made commitment and gave my full time to this cause and we held several free diagnostic medical camps in 2016-17 & 2018 at different areas. We used to hold one medical camp each month sometimes we conducted two or three medical camps and assisted thousands of people. We almost traveled through all over Pakistan and conducted free Medical Camps at many different areas. Many people were diagnosed with Hepatitis C, who were not aware of that before and they were assisted by UCF team to go to local Hospitals for further treatments, because people are not early diagnosed they may not be able to survive of Hepatitis C.
. In the last months of 2017 all the reports of UCF Medical Camps were before me and the results were shocking. I made research and studied different reports of WHO & UN on different deadly disease, and found that water borne diseases are widely spreading in Pakistan. I also took assistance of our friends from medical background to research and study the reasons and solution of this problem and we came to this conclusion that the reason behind this is the contaminated drinking water. Clean drinking water is not available in Pakistan and there is only 20% of water is available for drinking purposes and other 80% water cannot be used for drinking purposes. So we began working on our Water & Sanitation Project.

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We conduct medical camps in slums & small towns of rural areas to provide free diagnosis of deadly diseases with treatment and followup, Planting Health Centers where health facilities are unreachable.


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